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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Why is the project called CSV@Řepy?

The name CSV@Řepy comes from the project’s location on Čistovická street. This is a very quiet street leading to the main street of Slánská..

How many apartments does the project contain?

The five storey building contains 24 units – 23 apartments and one studio.

What size apartments are available?

You can find apartments from single room to two-bedroom in size. The generous proportions of our two-bedroom apartments give them the character of standard three-bedroom apartments.

How much do the apartments cost?

You can ask about apartment prices in our sales centre.

What is the project’s EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. The project is assigned a B energy efficiency rating. The certificate is available here.

When will the project be complete and when can I plan to move in?

The project has received its residency approval. Following certain legal measures to come, apartments can be moved into immediately. You can move in from September 2017.

Will there be commercial premises in the building too (shops, services)?

No premises have been planned within the building for commercial use.

What options are there for financing the purchase of an apartment in the CSV@Řepy project?

You can finance the purchase of an apartment at CSV@Řepy in almost any way open to you: in cash, exploiting financial products (mortgages, building savings loans, etc.) or using an individual payment schedule in accordance with the project’s rules.

Trigema offers the opportunity to select from a number of co-operating banking institutions. In order to arrange a mortgage from any of these co-operating banks, you only need proof of identity and confirmation of your income. All other documents related to the purchased property will be supplied to the bank by Trigema.

A full sales centre has been set up directly within the CSV@Řepy building in one of the apartments. You can also access a Hypoteční banka mortgage advisor at this show apartment and you can discuss matters with them during a meeting with our salespeople.

What is included in the apartment?

Our apartments are equipped to the Trigema Smart Living Premium quality standard which can be found here.

As part of the premium living services, you also have the opportunity to move into a fully furnished apartment as originally designed by our architects and designers. The style of furnishing can be found in the interior visualisations.

For further information on this service, contact our Sales Centre.

How many parking places are available, and is there an option to purchase a parking place?

There are a total of 31 parking places located directly within the apartment building’s basement level.

Parking within the CSV building is sized to make maximum use of the basement floor and will also be implemented using modern technologically independent stackers. As such, vehicles are parked on level ground. These parking stackers can hold vehicles of up to 2.0 t. Adjustable wedges are used to park your vehicle correctly, which you set up in accordance with the parked vehicle (the upper and lower levels have two wedges each).

Will surrounding traffic disturb our peace and privacy?

The project is located in a very quiet part of Řepy and is only minimally affected by surrounding traffic. As such you need not fear noise from the vicinity. The project’s location can be found here.

What amenities are there near the project? (Where is the closest school, nursery school, bus stop, etc.)?

The closest bus stop is ‘Selských baterii’ (just under 200 m), from where buses go both to the end of the Bílá Hora tram line (towards Hradčany) and to the A Line metro station Nemocnice Motol (10 minutes).

From Reinerova bus stop (300 m from building), buses travel to the B Line metro station Stodůlky (13 minutes). From Ruzyňský hřbitov bus stop you can bet to the A Line metro station Petřiny in 13 minutes.

There is a supermarket right next to the project. The nearby centre of Řepy includes a wide range of shopping opportunities, and there are also a number of essential local authorities and services located here. Detailed information is available in the Neighbourhood section.

What are the anticipated running costs for an apartment?

Our experience from previous projects means we can now tell you that monthly apartment running costs when you first move in will be around 55 CZK/m2. This sum is made up for the most part of costs for heating, electricity, water and minor costs such as cleaning and electricity for common areas, operation of the elevator, building insurance, property management, etc. A precise figure cannot be given until shortly following final approval for use of individual apartments as part of the monthly payments schedule. This figure will correspond to the actual state of each individual apartment.

Has the construction acquired all the necessary permits?

The SMART LIVING CSV@Řepy project has been given final permit for use, and as such the process for acquiring all permits has already taken place.

How can I reserve an apartment in the CSV@Řepy project?

You can make an Oral Reservation for your selected apartment to ensure it is not sold before you make a final decision. This reservation is free of charge. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our sales centre using the contact form, or by calling tel. +420 778 728 750

What warranty is there on the apartment, and how can I make any claims?

The warranty period is 24 months.

How are any claims made dealt with?

If any claims are made, Trigema will deal with them without undue delay. We will agree on a procedure for rectifying the defect with the apartment owner. An important factor in dealing with any claim is to ensure the new owner reports it as soon as he/she finds it, and last but not least co-operates with Trigema – giving us access to your apartment at the agreed time. More detailed information is available from the Trigema website in the Claims Procedure section.

Where can I find out more information about the project?

We will be happy to personally provide you with all information about the project at the project sales centre, located directly in one of the apartments at Čistovická 60, or by calling +420 778 728 750.

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