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The CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ CSV@Řepy apartment building emphases the use of high-quality materials and working methods which secure building residents the long lifetime of their new home.

Trigema Smart Living Premium

Compared to the original plans, the apartment building has been improved and put into Trigema’s highest category of construction. The Smart Living Premium category, designed for the most demanding clients, includes the following features:

  • the opportunity to take advantage of designs from renowned apartment designers, meaning you can even move in to a fully furnished home
  • the highest apartment fittings and fixtures standard (flooring, doors, tiling, sanitary fittings)
  • individual air-conditioning (in 5th floor)
  • CCTV system at entrances, in garage area and cellar storage areas.
  • Intelligent apartment controls, and not just preparations for them

We will bring out detailed specifications of construction and apartment standards as the construction gets under way.

Building energy performance

Like all other Trigema residential projects, the CSV project is classed as Band B - efficient. PENB certificate to download.

Apartment and building construction standards

Vertical structure
  • Load-bearing structure: comprised of Kalksandstein sandlime bricks. Substructure and ground floor interior walls made of reinforced concrete.
  • Façade: contact insulation system.
Apartment and building construction standards
  • Apartments on Level 5 have a premium height of 2 940 mm.
  • Apartments have a height of 2 650 mm.
Horizontal structure
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete panel.
  • Suspended ceilings within apartment units, acoustic in corridors.
  • Kalksandstein sandlime bricks.
  • Living room, bedroom, hall – triple-layer fully glued wooden floor (Boen; plank size 2200 x 138 / 215 x 13 mm; surfacing – oil or matt varnish) edge skirting.
  • Living room, bedroom, hall – triple-layer fully glued wooden floor (Boen; plank size 2200 x 138 / 215 x 13 mm; surfacing – oil or matt varnish) edge skirting.
  • Balconies, terraces, recessed balconies – exotic wood, e.g. Massaranduba or Garapa.
  • Shared corridors, landings – large-format ceramic tiles selected by architect (Imola Creative Concrete tiles 60x60 cm grey; Imola Creative Concrete tiles 60x60 cm dark grey; Imola Creative Concrete steps 90x32.5 cm grey; Imola Creative Concrete skirting 9.5x60 cm grey.
  • Flooring options within the apartment unit depend on layout and design documents (possible designs: natural oak, white oak, brown jasper).
Interior plastering
  • Walls in apartment units - plaster.
  • Apartment units – white, abrasion-resistant.
  • Shared corridors, staircase – white, entrance hall according to architect’s design.
Wall tiles, paint
  • Bathroom, toilet – large-format ceramic tiles (option 1: Refin Design industry Oxyde tiles white / Rust R. 60x60 cm; option 2: Refin Design industry Oxyde tiles white 60x60 cm / Refin plant tile 60x60 cm Ash). .
  • Kitchenette – no tiles.
  • Ceramic wall and floor tiles are trowel-grouted as standard according to standard.
Windows and balcony doors
  • Plastic – insulating triple glazing.
  • doors to terraces use a tile/slide system – according to design documents.
  • Exterior plating: painted aluminium plate, interior system.
Garage doors
  • Sectional, remotely controlled entrance doors to basement garages.
Entrance door to apartment
  • Security door, w. 900 (or 1 000) mm flush, fire-resistant, security class 3, CPL laminate surface.
  • Security fittings – peephole; steel frame; wooden threshold.
Interior doors
  • Doorframes.
  • CPL door finish, design selected by architect.
  • Interior fittings.
  • Entrance doors to building – glazed aluminium (self-closing, panic handle, el. door opener).
Separate smoke alarm
  • The alarm will be fitted into the hallway of each apartment.
Intelligent controls
  • Eaton’s xComfort system
  • Equipment and preparations according to design documents
  • Interior features – switches, sockets as standard, e.g. Schneider or ABB).
  • Preparations for kitchen area will be completed in a box at the anticipated kitchen position.
  • Heating
  • Underfloor heating in all rooms except hallways in apartments.
  • Designer heated towel rail in bathrooms (PMH Rosendal rail, size according to design documents 266/1500 chrome or brushed steel design).
  • Thermostatic heads on radiators.
Air conditioning
  • Adjustable air exchange system.
Fixtures - Villeroy & Boch ceramics
  • Villeroy & Boch Memento classic washbasin with hole 60 cm
  • Villeroy & Boch Memento classic small washbasin with hole 40 x 26 cm
  • Villeroy & Boch Avento wall hung toilet, Slimseat, softclose
Fixtures - Accessories
  • Washbasin tap, Easy brass, designer 5/4", 32 mm chrome
  • Hansa tap accessories - push/push drainage fittings, chrome
  • TECEsquare II control button with frame 220 x 150 mm stainless steel
Fixtures - Villeroy & Boch baths
  • Bath size according to layout
  • My Art Duo traditional bath incl. quaryl legs 180 x 80 cm
  • My Art Solo traditional bath incl. quaryl legs 170 x 75 cm
Fixtures - Hansa|Living taps
  • Products from the HansaDesigno range
  • Hansa Matrix concealed systems, chrome

Note: Trigema, a.s.. reserves the right to adjust the conditions for these standards.

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