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Sales centre in model apartment

Kristýna Sládková

Kristýna Sládková

development project sales
Trigema Smart living
tel.: 778 737 891

Model apartment (Čistovická street 60, Řepy)

Opening hours mo - fr: 8:00 - 16:30
other occasions: after a telephone appointment

We recommend arranging a meeting in advance to avoid waiting in the event of all salespersons being busy.

Model apartment (CSV@Řepy, Čistovická st.)

  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_1.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_2.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_3.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_4.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_9.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_5.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_6.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_7.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_8.jpg]
  • [byty/csv_vzorovy_byt_1920x1080_10.png]

Showroom Trigema (Nové Butovice)

Explora Business Centre - budova Jupiter
Bucharova 2641/14,
158 00 Praha 5

Open hours

mo - th: 8:00 - 19:00
fr: 8:00 - 16:30
sa - so: after a telephone appointment

Sales centre (Nové Butovice)

Centre of client changes

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SALES CENTRE 778 737 891
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